Arizona DUI & DWI Laws

Understanding Arizona DUI Laws

Arizona law prohibits driving “while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, any drug, a vapor releasing substance containing a toxic substance or any combination of liquor, drugs or vapor releasing substances if the person is impaired to the slightest.

Arizona DUI Laws–First offense

Arizona DUI first offense basic DUI (blood alcohol content over .08) means one to ten days in jail, over $1,000 in potential fines  Drivers arrested for DUI must undergo alcohol and substance abuse screening, and if mandated by the courts or possibly as part of a DUI defense effort, may be required to undergo ongoing alcohol or substance abuse counseling or in-patient treatment.

Arizona DUI Laws–Second offense

Second DUI within seven years (84 months) of a first conviction is susceptible to a mandatory 30-day to 90-day jail sentence, community service, In Arizona, a second offense of driving under the influence is considered a misdemeanor and the offender will typically be subject to  Jailtime. At least 90 days in jail, with a maximum of 6 months.Fines. Fines will range from $500 to $2,500.IID installation. The driver must install an ignition interlock device for a year, requiring measurement of blood alcohol levelbefore the car starts. (It costs about $1,000 for this mandatory tool.)Community Service. The driver will usually need to perform at least 30 hours of community service as well as attend driving school.


Arizona DUI Laws–Third offense

A third DUI/DWI conviction in Arizona within seven years will subject you to stiff administrative and criminal penalties. Note if your blood alcohol content exceeds .15%, you may be subject to even more severe felony punishment under Arizona DUI Law

Arizona DUI Criminal Consequences

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