West Virginia Traffic Laws

Driving infractions are recorded on your driving record as per the DMV Point System as a method for controlling perilous and foolhardy drivers in West Virginia. Your driver's permit can really be suspended once you have gathered a specific number of focuses, and some driving infringement go past simply acquiring you a ticket and points―they could result in suspension and even obligatory repudiation of your permit. Look at our Suspended License area for more subtle elements.

Moving Violations and Non-Moving Violations

Whether purposeful or coincidental, there are a few mix-ups drivers make that frequently bring about excessive consequences―tickets and mishaps. These incorporate both moving and non-moving criminal traffic offenses.

Moving violations incorporate those traffic infractions that happen when a vehicle is in movement; non-moving infringement incorporate traffic infractions that happen when a vehicle is not moving

Drinking & Driving Violations Operating under influence of alcohol (WV Code section 20-7-18b) Driving Without a License / With a Suspended License Drivers must be licensed (WV Code section 17B-2-1) Driving Without Insurance / With Insufficient Insurance Required security (WV Code section 17D-2A-3) Driving Without Registration / With Expired Registration Registration; misdemeanor to violate provisions of article (WV Code section 17A-3-1) Illegal U-TurnTurning movements and required signals (WV Code section 17C-8-8) Leaving the Scene of an Accident / Hit & Run Accidents involving damage to vehicle (WV Code section 17C-4-2)
Accidents involving death or personal injuries (WV Code section 17C-4-1) Mechanical Violations Equipment (WV Code 17C-15-1 to 17C-15-50)
Unsafe and improperly equipped vehicles (WV Code section 17C-15-1) Reckless Driving Reckless driving (WV Code section 17C-5-3) Running a Red Light / Stop Sign Obedience to traffic control devices (WV Code section 17C-3-4) Seat Belt / Child Restraint ViolationsChild passenger safety devices required (WV Code section 17C-15-46)
Operation of vehicles with safety belts (WV Code section 17C-15-49) Speeding Speed limitations generally (WV Code section 17C-6-1) Unlawful Vehicle Modifications Equipment (WV Code 17C-15-1 to 17C-15-50) Unsafe and improperly equipped vehicles (WV Code section 17C-15-1)

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